Jetson AMBERJACK 2018


You are a good surfer but sometimes you face tough days: big waves, strong currents, bad conditions…the AMBERJACK allows you to keep exploring your limits. Agile, quick and edgy, this board will help you catch waves even better than a long board can, as well as providing the sensations that only short boards can offer.

Its jet will help boost you to the break, and once you are there it helps you catch the waves, even if conditions are rough or you are not as fit as you might otherwise need. Once you are surfing the wave, you just have to pay attention to actual surfing: riding the wave while turning around, doing spins, speeding up “down the line”, doing “floaters,” tubes, or whatever else you can do at your level of surfing.

AMBERJACK will help you get back that feeling of radical surfing. Embrace boosted surfing and reach beyond your limits.