Jetson Rescue 2018


Jetson’s Surf Technology now offers performance enhancing LIFEGUARD PATROL boards and they are ready to revolutionize the world of lifeguard water rescue in saving victim’s lives. The experience gained with our Jetson surfboard and long board models helped us to develop this new concept of lifeguard rescue board. After several months of research and testing with the help of European Lifeguard Saving Champions, Itziar Abascal and Ivan Cazorla, the new Jetson lifeguard rescue board is ready to arrive first to the victim in the surf zone and save lives. In tests and trials Jetson Lifeguard Rescue arrives first to the victim before the jet ski or conventional lifeguard paddle long board.

The Jetson PATROL combine a fully tested shape up to suit to any water rescue situation along with the safety provided by the extra push of its integrated jet, ensuring a rapid response to any emergency.

The result is a unique water propulsion lifeguard rescue board that combines low weight, high buoyancy, easy to recharge in standard wall socket and the extra water propulsion to ensure the fastest response of lifeguard rescue teams in critical moments where a single second could be decisive to save a life.