Fliteboard AIR

Fliteboard AIR


This is a high quality inflatable board. It packs up to make transportation easier and is almost double the size of the regular board. Learning on this board is incredibly easy. It is recommended for beginners, yacht use, and Flite schools.


The Fliteboard Air is Jet Board Limited’s most popular Fliteboard for rentals and try before you buy as its an extremely well built, robust, high quality, inflatable board. The Fliteboard Air is bigger, longer, thicker and wider than the standard Fliteboard so you have a much bigger surface to stand on as well as nearly double the volume of the standard Fliteboard. The Fliteboard Air is very buoyant and stable which makes it the perfect board for beginners and learning on. The ride is much more forgiving and stable and its highly recommended for FliteSchools, rental operations, yacht charters and all types of commercial use.

If you are looking for a board that will be used and shared by a group of riders and transported and ridden by new riders on a regular basis, then Jet Board Limited highly recommend the Fliteboard Air. Although we recommend the Air as the perfect beginner and learning board we must point out that even as a more skilled and advanced rider you can still have loads of fun and get a lot of enjoyment out of the Fliteboard Air.

The Fliteboard Air is 6’6 x 30″. 175 litres. It is inflatable it can be deflated and packed for easy transportation and storage. The FIiteboard Air is a great beginner electric foil. If you have any doubts on which electric foil Fliteboard you want to buy then contact Jet Board limited and come try before you buy at our head office and Official/authorised FliteSchool in Sotogrande, San Roque, Andalucia, Spain.

1 review for Fliteboard AIR

  1. Rafa

    Easy to ride the Fliteboard Air is pleasant for beginners.
    It allows you to discover the amazing sensations of foiling !
    You can go for a smooth navigation, have fun and simply enjoy…

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